State/National Stories on Pot Pollution

From the Ecological Society of America a new Report Reenforces Cultivating Poison Study - A new study from scholars at UC Berkley and Ithaca College confirms the terrible impact of cannabis growing on the environment.  

Confusion in Enforcement of Cannabis Cultivation under New State Law:  

from The Associated Press:

The AP report underscores the big problems facing government at all levels in the roll out and enforcement of the new State wide marijuana legalization law. 

Sacramento Bee Exposes Impact of Interior Growing

The Sacramento Bee reports on the incredible number of residential properties that have been turned into Cannabis farms. The County Board of Supervisors revealed that there are as many as 5,500 homes that have been converted just in South Sac and Elk Grove. 

More Confirmation of Calaveras Pollution from Pot Farming

Calaveras Enterprise covers pot pollution

The story focuses on the impact of the illegal use of chemicals in marijuana cultivation on the environment.

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